You’re not just a case to us – you’re unique. Our programs and services are jointly designed with you and your best results in mind. First we get to know your ways of thinking and working, then identify your biggest challenges. We develop collaborative, creative approaches for your success, being mindful of your team, organization and its competitors. We pay close attention to your culture and vision – helping you define who you are and where you want to go.

Leadership Skills for Engineering and Science Faculty

This is a two day workshop designed to give participants insights into their own leadership styles and expertise. The goal is to improve understanding of human dynamics in the classroom and laboratory so we may be better achieve the results we’re looking for in scientific education and research.

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Building Successful Executive Teams (BSET) Program

Using the HBDI and the Whole Brain Model

The top of an organization is a place one typically gets to through competition, self-reliance, and building networks of power and affiliation. Thus, executives often need help building teams of mentally-diverse individuals who are committed to common goals and organizational success. This program addresses key issues raised when leaders are called on to collaborate with other top leaders. The curriculum highlights and pursues skills of creative thinking, applying them to the challenges of creating sustainable organizations.

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Cultivating Teamwork & Productivity (CTP) Program

Using the HBDI and Whole Brain Methodology

Effective teams don’t just “happen.” Instead, they are carefully nurtured into existence and systematically supported throughout their life cycle. From the launch process to the ongoing developing of team skills, leaders need to be on top of a complicated array of dynamics and events that shape and change organizaitons constantly. This program provides practical models and applicable templates for selecting, launching, developing and sustaining teams. HBDI assessment profiles for every team member are included, along with several interactive tools and activities aimed at increasing your team’s performance.

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Sustaining Teamwork

A Workshop For Leaders

After the launch and far into the project, what keeps teams motivated and thriving? How do effective teams stay successful? What obstacles do team leaders encounter, and what tools do they use to overcome them? There are many things that can derail teams and teamwork over time. Leaders must learn to manage these contingencies if they are going to build sustainable enterprises. This one-day intensive training program is designed to support leaders of long-term projects and departments as they deal with the real paradoxes and setbacks that can undermine their efforts.

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The One Day Leader

A Program For New Leaders

This program is for those who have just taken a leadership position within an organization and donít have advanced experience or training in leadership as a skill. The session is one day long and equips participants with a trove of personal insights and take away tools to immediately begin developing on the job leadership capacities.

The program is also especially tuned to start up and new organizations with unseasoned leaders attempting to scale companies and organizations from their beginnings to sustainable entities.

In this program, which is a workshop, we supply three important lenses through which to understand your own leadership; namely style, substance, and potential. You will learn in this one day, how to isolate the areas that are working for you as a leader because of your temperament, experience and available skills, and also where you need to address blind spots to expand your agility for the volume of situations that you will encounter.

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Fast Teambuilding

One-Day Session For High Performance Teams

McVinney and Company's one-day, facilitated "Fast Teambuilding" sessions employ techniques that help your new or changing team to be ready to excel through our hands-on focused efforts.

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